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The spectrum of the projects I've being delivering successfully over the years is very varied. In 35 years, one is faced with many situations and fascinating issues to solve, being strategic, being organisation, financial, regulatory or people related.  I worked for all types of institutions: banks, financial specialists (leasing, credit cards, factoring,etc.), cyber banks, bank consortium (like SWIFT), shared services between banks, and for the regulators (National Central banks, the EU, the ECB), and some banking associations ( French Banking Federation, the UK Finance, the Japanese Banking Association, etc.) and for Insurance companies both life and non-life (quasi nothing for re-insurers) and for Brokers (Retail and Corporate)


Some think I have a talent to have simultaneously a holistic view in a strategic context and also worried by the  operational details. One of my mentor used to say; "Long term is a succession of short terms"

Some of the latest projects covered, (examples):

  • Growth strategies in the UK for asset gathering,

  • Transformation for an Insurance broker for individual lines in General Insurance

  • Evaluation of a acquisition of a European core banking system provider for a PE firm

  • Cash management infrastructure long term design to face the decrease of cash usage

  • BCBS 239 remediation and IT strategies

  • IT and strategy alignment in an individual insurance lines setting

  • Cost cutting at headquarters after a merger

I carry out a lot of projects in nearly all the sub-segments of banks, insurance companies and Financial services firms as a strategy and management consultant, as system integrator and a out-sourcer ( application management and Business process outsourcing). The only sector I don't know well is capital markets and trading rooms, but I worked extensively for Corporate and commercial banks

My work led to a number of publications and articles you could find in the publication section, but to name a few:

  • I published in France a book on e-marketing for banks and insurance companies, first published in 1998. Funnily a number of recommendation still apply.

  • I published in NYC, NY with the Chairman of Merrill Lynch a book called Wealth linked dedicated to the future of Private Banking

I authored a number of reports under the Capgemini brands specifically on four topics: the World Wealth Report (from  1993 to 2012), with its sequel the AsiaPac Wealth Report (2007-2012) the World Retail Banking Report (2004-2012), the World Payments Report (2003-2012) and the World Insurance Report (2005-2012)

Please inquire as I can carry out coaching, provide spot advice on a specific topic or carry out project under my responsibility with consulting partners.

I can provide detailed experiences and referrals on demand.

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