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I worked for various professional services firms notably in the Strategy, Management consulting areas but also in the fields of systems integration and outsourcing. My knowledge covers topics like:

  • Strategy definition and growth strategy

  • Organisational issues  around the 3 usual dimensions: geography, people management , skills/capabilities

  • People management:  competencies maps, appraisals, promotion processes and compensation policies

  • P&L management: utilisation rates, daily rates, staffing, skills , clients receivables, investments, etc.

  • Marketing management and brand building

  • Acquisitions and post merger management

  • Partnership models, for example: one global P&L vs local activity based P&Ls, One man one vote vs share based, equity vs cash flows, etc.

  • Partner management and evolution: "how to make the junior grow and the senior kept happy"?

  • Internationalisation

Over the course of the years, I participated or engineered about 40 acquisitions in the professional services firm environment, being acquired (by the MAC Group and Capgemini), or being an acquirer (for example to name a few: Gamma International, Gruber Titze und Partners, IKO,  Ernst and Young Consulting, Bossard consultants, Kanbay). At the level of the Capgemini Group there were some significant ones like Hoskins, Volmac, E&Y Consulting which transformed the group.

Dealing with these situations, and working with a lot of other professional services firms mainly accountancy firms, head hunters, actuaries, law firms, investment managers, I believe all this know-how is transferable, however " comparison is not reason"

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